A SR-22 is a form, not an actual type of insurance that can be required as proof of financial responsibility by a court or under state law for various reasons, such as after a conviction of certain traffic violations or to reinstate your license after a suspension or revocation.(Commonly associated with a DUI Violation)

The SR-22 document must be filed with the state as certificate of financial responsibility to verify that you have the insurance coverages and limits that you have been mandated to carry. A copy of the form is sent for you by your auto insurer to keep as proof of the SR-22 if you are asked for it, but most states have it stored electronically in their records so that law enforcement or the Department of Motor Vehicles can look it up if needed.


In order to obtain a SR-22, you must go through an auto insurance company that offers the filing and obtain a policy with at least the minimum limits that the state notified to carry. Once you have the SR-22 filed, you’ll need to maintain the related insurance coverage for the state-mandated period of time. The time period varies, but most commonly it’s for three years.